Why Genre et Ville ?

Genre et Ville is a Think and Do Tank.

It literally means Gender and the City. 

We are a Paris based organization created by Pascale Lapalud and Chris Blache which analyses and questions City and Territory Planning through a Gender lens. Platform of research and action, Genre et Ville gathers many talents to develop an innovative approach to reach a more inclusive and equality aimed vision of building, organizing and living our urban environment.

Jana & J's par GeV

Jana & J’s par GeV

Most of the world population now lives in an Urban Environment.

How are our territories organised?  Who lives in them and how?

How to question the stereotypes and the long established divide: Public Space for Men, Private Space for Women.

Are cities perpetuating traditionnal gender roles ? Or are they a blueprint for this male/female patriarchal segmentation?

By changing our territories, can we change ourselves?

This question is central to our work.  Through workshops, exploratory walks, public conversation, experiment sharing, we aim at redefining an organisation that provides a better balance/sharing of public space.  We are also trying to highlight experiments setting the ground for women empowering themselves…

To conduct our work in a multidimentional way, we also founded, CestBeauLePouvoir, an ArtCtivist extension of Genre et Ville.  CBLP helps us further our research, by creating art installations and public interactive performances.